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5 Signs It's Time for a Garage Door Tune-Up - Integrity Garage Door Repair

Keeping your garage door functioning properly is important for both safety and convenience. As one of the most used openings in and out of your home, it’s essential that your garage door operates smoothly and reliably every time. However, with constant use over time, even well-built garage doors will start to show signs of normal wear and tear that can affect performance if not addressed. 

As a full-service garage door company serving Carrollton and surrounding areas, Integrity Garage Door Repair understands the value of regular maintenance. We know how important it is for homeowners to recognize the key signs that indicate your door needs some TLC. This blog post will cover the top 5 indicators that it’s time for a preventative garage door tune-up.

Integrity Garage Door Repair

1. Noisy Operation

One of the telltale signs your garage door needs attention is when it starts making noise. Squeaks, grinds or loud bangs are usually indicators the door needs lubrication or adjustment. Over time, the moving parts can get dirty and start rubbing together instead of sliding smoothly. A tune-up can get everything operating quietly again.

2. Difficult Operation

If you’ve noticed it’s taking more force to open or close your garage door, a tune-up is in order. The springs, rollers, hinges and other hardware may be wearing down and need adjustment or replacement. Our technicians will inspect all components and make any necessary repairs so your door moves with ease again.

3. Off-Track Door

When a garage door starts veering to one side or the other as it goes up and down, the tracks have likely shifted out of alignment. Left uncorrected, this can put undue stress on the door and hardware. We’ll get your tracks square and adjust any rollers, brackets or springs so the door runs straight once more.

4. Weather Stripping Issues

Is light visible around the perimeter of your garage door when closed? Deteriorated weatherstripping is a sign it’s time for replacement. We’ll inspect the seal and replace any stripping that’s cracking or peeling so you keep warmth and pests out of your garage. Good weatherstripping also improves security.

5. Safety Features Need Attention

The springs, sensors and other safety features built into your garage door system should be checked periodically. We’ll test your photo eyes, inspect springs and rollers for signs of wear, and address any issues before they cause safety problems or more extensive damage. Regular tune-ups help keep your system in good working order.

Whether it’s just a routine maintenance check or repairs are needed, trust the experienced technicians at Integrity Garage Door Repair in Carrollton to service your system. We know what it takes to keep garage doors running reliably for years to come.


Most garage doors benefit from a yearly tune-up. High-use residential doors or commercial doors may need servicing even more frequently, like every 6 months. We can inspect your door and recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule based on its condition and use.

A standard tune-up covers checking all moving parts like rollers, hinges, springs and cables for tension and wear. We’ll lubricate and adjust as needed, test the opener and safety features, and address any operational or safety issues found. For seasonal tune-ups, we also inspect weatherstripping and make any adjustments to ensure smooth, reliable operation for the months ahead.