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Integrity Garage Door Repair is an independently owned garage door repair company that specializes in repairing and replacing garage door. The company has been serving the residents of Carrollton, VA for many years. Integrity Garage Door Repair is well-known for its top-notch customer service.

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Top Reasons Your Door Isn't Closing Properly

A garage door that won’t shut all the way can be frustrating and pose a safety risk. As a full-service garage door company in Carrollton, we often help homeowners determine what’s behind intermittent or persistent closing issues. Here are some of the most common causes we encounter and how to fix them.

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Loose, Bent or Broken Hardware

Over time, hinges, rollers, tracks and other hardware that guide the door’s movement may loosen up or become damaged. A visual inspection will uncover any hardware problems preventing smooth travel. With simple adjustments or replacement of worn parts, we can often solve closing issues.

Misaligned or Damaged Track

If the tracks guiding your door are dented, rusty or no longer run straight and level, it creates friction points. The door struggles against track interference instead of gliding easily into place. Track realignment or replacement returns proper closure.

Worn or Stressed Springs

When extension springs supporting the door’s weight start showing fatigue from thousands of open-close cycles, they may lack enough counterbalance. The door doesn’t make the final descent under its own power. Spring inspection and replacement restores closing ability.

Problems with Opener or Accessories

Add-on items like automatic openers, lights, sensors and remotes introduce new potential failure points. Common issues include worn gear teeth in older openers and obstructed or misaligned photo eyes. We’ll diagnose and fix problems in these systems to rule them out.

Correctable Mechanical Issues

Other troubleshooting may reveal such fixable issues as stuck or binding cable drums, stripped gears, or the need for lubrication where components interact. Often a meticulous mechanical inspection is all that’s required to remedy intermittent closure quirks.

Whether temporary or long-term, call us when your door doesn’t shut all the way for a free diagnosis of the problem. Integrity Garage Door Repair has the expertise and stocked parts for any repair job large or small.


If closure difficulties seem to be worsening over time or accompanied by noticeable noises, that could point to more significant underlying problems that require prompt attention. Creaking, cracking or grinding noises during operation may indicate safety-related issues that need professional evaluation and repair.

For safety, do not force the door closed with extra effort if it’s resisting. This could further damage components or cause injury. As a temporary workaround, you can secure the door from the inside using a long hook-and-eye latch at the bottom or eye-level until repairs are made.