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Why Your Garage Door Gets Stuck Halfway: Causes and Solutions

Dealing with a garage door that’s stuck halfway open or closed can be frustrating and inconvenient. Whether you’re rushing out in the morning or returning home after a long day, encountering a malfunctioning garage door can throw a wrench in your plans. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this issue and provide actionable solutions to get your garage door back on track.

Garage Door Causes and Solutions

Common Causes of a Stuck Garage Door:

  1. Broken Springs: One of the most common culprits for a garage door getting stuck is a broken spring. These springs bear the weight of the door, making it easier to open and close. When they break, the door can become unbalanced, leading to it getting stuck in a halfway position.
  2. Misaligned Tracks: Garage doors move along metal tracks, and if these tracks become misaligned, the door’s movement can be impeded. This misalignment can force the door to become stuck at various points during its operation.
  3. Sensor Issues: Modern garage doors come equipped with safety sensors that prevent the door from closing if an obstruction is detected. If these sensors are misaligned, dirty, or malfunctioning, they might perceive an obstruction and halt the door’s movement halfway.

4. Worn Cables or Rollers: Cables and rollers are crucial components that help the garage door move smoothly. Over time, they can wear out or become damaged, causing the door to jam midway.

Solutions to Get Your Garage Door Moving:

  1. Inspect and Replace Springs: If you suspect a broken spring, it’s important to call a professional for garage door replacement Carrollton. Attempting to replace springs without proper knowledge and tools can be dangerous. Integrity Garage Door Repair can efficiently replace broken springs and ensure your door functions properly.
  2. Adjust Tracks: Carefully inspect the tracks for misalignment and use a rubber mallet to gently tap them back into place. Ensure they’re straight and level to facilitate smooth door movement.
  3. Sensor Maintenance: Clean the sensors with a soft cloth and ensure they’re properly aligned. Check for any obstructions around the sensor area that might be triggering a false obstruction signal.
  4. Cable and Roller Maintenance: Inspect cables and rollers for signs of wear or damage. Lubricate them regularly to keep them operating smoothly. If you notice significant wear, it’s best to consult a professional for replacement.


A stuck garage door can disrupt your daily routine, but understanding the reasons behind this issue can help you resolve it quickly. Whether it’s a broken spring, misaligned tracks, or sensor problems, addressing these issues promptly is essential for the safe and efficient operation of your garage door. If you’re in Carrollton, Integrity Garage Door Repair is your trusted partner in resolving garage door issues, including garage door replacement Carrollton if needed. Don’t let a stuck garage door slow you down – get it fixed and enjoy seamless access to your space.


It’s highly recommended to leave spring replacement to professionals due to the risks involved. Integrity Garage Door Repair offers safe and efficient spring replacement services.

Sensor alignment ensures that the door doesn’t accidentally close on an object, preventing accidents and damage.